AirAsia launches its newest inflight snack, Japanese Onigiri

BackOct 24, 2017

AirAsia has unveiled its latest inflight snack, Onigiri or Japanese rice balls stuffed with a variety of delicious fillings.

The Onigiri consist of a selection of seasoned Japanese rice filled with grilled salmon, salmon teriyaki, tuna mayo, smoked salmon or vegetables, wrapped in dried seaweed, served with miso soup as a combo.

AirAsia Group Chief Commercial Officer Siegtraund Teh said, "Japanese food is known the world over for its refined simplicity. Inspired by this, we made our new Onigiri snack a simple yet complete meal for all, regardless of age. What's more, it's an incredibly versatile food that can be adapted to local tastes, and we are already working on Asean-inspired fillings to create a unique experience for our guests who crave a healthy, delicious treat."

The Onigiri can be purchased onboard for only RM10 on AirAsia Malaysia flights (carrier code AK) and AirAsia X Malaysia flights (D7) across all AirAsia destinations.*

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*Price and flavours differs across AirAsia carrier codes.