AirAsia Female Pilots Take Naelofar Hijab To The Skies

BackJun 07, 2017

AirAsia and leading hijab brand Naelofar Hijab has unveiled a special collaboration with an exclusively designed hijab for the airline's female pilots.

Beginning June 2017, muslim female pilots from AirAsia and AirAsia X will don the white Naelofar Hijab that is specifically tailored to meet their workday needs.

Rudy Khaw, Regional Head of Branding for AirAsia said, "This is the first time ever for AirAsia to collaborate with a designer to produce hijab wear for our female pilots. We are happy to work with Naelofar Hijab to create a piece that complements our female pilots' look while providing enhanced comfort as they perform their duty. We are currently looking into revamping hijab designs for our ground staff as well."

Neelofa, Founder of Naelofar Hijab said, "We are excited to work with AirAsia to redesign the hijab for their female pilots. Being given the opportunity to redesign the female hijab was very exciting and it gave us the opportunity to create a special piece that is comfortable, functional and stylish. Working closely with the AirAsia and their female pilots on every aspect of the design was a pleasant experience and we are happy with the final product."

AirAsia female pilots were involved throughout the design process where they worked closely with Naelofar Hijab designers to create a functional, yet comfortable headscarf suitable for their day-to-day operations. Before being rolled out, prototypes undergo multiple wear testing by members of the airline's pilots. Using fabric materials with enhancement properties, the new hijab allows great stretch and recovery for easy movement along with adornment of the signature Naelofar Hijab symbol in Swarovski crystals for a finishing touch.