Change In Boardroom

BackFeb 10, 2012

Date of change

Name Dato' Kamarudin Bin Meranun
Age 50
Nationality Malaysian
Type of change Redesignation
Previous Position Others
New Position Others
Directorate Executive
Qualifications Dato’ Kamarudin Bin Meranun ("Dato' Kamarudin") received a Diploma in Actuarial Science from University Technology MARA (UiTM) and was named the "Best Actuarial Student" by the Life Insurance Institute of Malaysia in 1983. He received a B.Sc. degree with Distinction (Magma Cum Laude) majoring in Finance in 1986 and an MBA in 1987 from Central Michigan University. 
Working experience and occupation Dato’ Kamarudin worked in Arab-Malaysian Merchant Bank from 1988 to 1993 as a Portfolio Manager, managing both institutional and high net-worth individual clients' investment funds. In 1994, he was appointed Executive Director of Innosabah Capital Management Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Innosabah Securities Sdn Bhd. He subsequently acquired the shares of the joint venture partner of Innosabah Capital Management Sdn Bhd, which was later renamed Intrinsic Capital Management Sdn Bhd.

Dato’ Kamarudin was appointed Director of AirAsia Berhad on 12 December 2001. In January 2004, he was appointed Executive Director and on 8 December 2005, he was re-designated to Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer and holds the position until now.  
Directorship of public companies (if any) 1. Malaysian Airline System Berhad
2. Yayasan Pendidikan Titiwangsa  
Family relationship with any director and/or major shareholder of the listed issuer Nil 
Any conflict of interests that he/she has with the listed issuer Nil 
Details of any interest in the securities of the listed issuer or its subsidiaries Direct interest: 1,692,900 ordinary shares of RM0.10 each
Indirect interest: 362,957,782 ordinary shares of RM0.10 each held through Tune Air Sdn Bhd by virtue of Section 6A of the Companies Act, 1965  


Remarks :

Dato’ Kamarudin, the existing Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer of the Company will be re-designated as Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer & President of Group Finance, Treasury, Corporate Finance and Legal with effect from 13 February 2012.

Please refer to the announcement titled Change in Principal Officer (Reference No.: CM-120210-50776) dated 10 February 2012 for further details.


Announcement Info

Stock Name AIRASIA    
Date Announced 10 Feb 2012  
Category Change in Boardroom
Reference No CM-120210-57749